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It's getting dangerous

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I want to <mod edit - method>. I need help and no one will take me seriously. If I <mod edit - method> I'll get help and if something goes wrong and I die I won't be upset. I'm not scared of death. If death is what it takes to ease the pain then I'm willing to risk it.
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Hi @Anonymous ID I completely understand how you are feeling. I am sorry you are hurting so much. Do you have a crisis team or number you can ring? Your safety is important. This compulsion to <method> will eventually pass, or at least be less strong but you need to give it time. Talking to someone will help to release some of the pressure. Is there anything you can do to help distract yourself? Go for a walk if you can and try to notice things around you. Sound corny but it will help to engage your logical brain. Your emotional brain has taken over for a while. Reaching out on SF is also a great start. I’m sorry no one takes you seriously and I also fully understand that feeling. If you want to talk DM me, I’m around all day. *console Xx
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I'm so sorry things are so bad right now. I've felt very similar in the past, honestly. But it's really not the way to go.

Could you go to the hospital emergency department and tell them how much danger you're in? *hug


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Hi, Anonymous. *hugI'm so sorry you're in a such a bad place right now. Please remember, the family that makes up this Forum cares about you, and takes you seriously. I can relate to what you said about not being upset if you die, but this family will be upset if anything happens to you. I'm in the process of trying to find reasons to care about myself, and it helped me so much over the last weekend to be reminded that I've made friends here who care about me. My friends got me through what was the worst Thanksgiving of my life. So please keep being a part of this family. *hugSending you big hugs.
I used to work in hospital work, sterilizing instruments...when I first started (30+ years ago) I routinely heard what we called "Stupid Human Tricks."

Don't get me wrong. I am not calling you stupid. Let me repeat that: I AM NOT CALLING YOU STUPID.

One of the things we used to discuss was "If you thought you had problems before, what is life going to be like when you wake up strapped to a bed and nobody trusts you anymore?"

May I suggest "The Savage God" (I forget the author...tried and failed), and Linda Sexton (her mother was a famous poet that Done The Deed).

All of the above have helped keep me alive for many years.

Too many people make the gesture and seriously f**k themselves up. I have a friend who is hemipalegic due to a bad day 40 years ago.He has done well for himself, but he is still hemipalegic.

Be Strong!

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