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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Cammy, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. Cammy

    Cammy Gamer Girl

    so i haven't self harmed in at least a year but it has only gotten harder and ive been feeling more and more numb and idk i just want to feel again does anyone know how i can feel again in a healthy way or at least keep from harming myself again
  2. TonyHill

    TonyHill Well-Known Member

    You have to try to keep your mynd busy.I know its sound hard but harming yourself wont solve anything.
  3. Piexes

    Piexes Well-Known Member

    When i was a teenager I would harm myself. I didn't do it because I was numb though, I did it to punish myself. other people may do it because they want to disrupt painful memories, or like you, relieve themselves of numb feelings. or they do it for several reasons at once.

    Recently I have felt numbness. for me it was very physical, and it felt a bit like there was a disconnect between my mind and body. I found that obsessing over the numbness made it worse, it made me feel more trapped. I was afraid that it would last forever, and in being afraid it stayed for longer. I learned to accept the numbness. I let go of expectation. I allowed it instead of fighting against it.

    Maybe you could try getting involved in more tactile things, like drawing, or running your hands through sand or pebbles, or getting some kind of trinket to play with. Get in touch with your physical body, and let go of your minds worries, just for a bit.

    My cousin has been through something similar to what you've gone through, and she used to self-harm. I will ask her what she did to stop those urges.
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