its getting worse

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by voices_inmy_head, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. voices_inmy_head

    voices_inmy_head Well-Known Member

    The feeling, I came on earlier feeling sad and now its spiralling out of control, i feel nothing can keep me here, im thinking why did you leave me? What do I have... Nothing, I need to leave I so want to leave...

    help me
  2. voices_inmy_head

    voices_inmy_head Well-Known Member

    my heart hurts and i can barely breath, i need to sleep
  3. Gunner12

    Gunner12 Well-Known Member

    Let it out, in the safest way you can.

    Cry it out, drown it with music, watch a movie, play games, read a book, do something safe that you like to do, anything that can bring you mind off of it for a few moments is helpful.
  4. BrokenChaos

    BrokenChaos Member

    I use a different method which gets me relief... I end up having a good sleep and the tension I had, does vanish significantly... I do this without alcohol or drugs...

    For me it works the best, however, it may not work for others. I cannot say how I do it, even though I have mentioned it prior.

    Take care dear....
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