:( its happening again

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    grr woke up this morning after having a horrible nightmare. gosh my dreams are getting so vivid these days. i can really feel them. they feel so real. so that put me in a low mood at the start.

    and im lying here in my room. alone in the house. and i hear someone coming into the house and its my moms ex boyfriend who doesnt live here anymore. i duno wot the fuck hes doing here. my mom always invites him over now when she knows how much i hate him and how he makes me feel.

    after like 3 years of hiding in my room. trapped in my house. im doing it again. i was so looking forward to using wireless around the house. but i cant. cus hes always here. so im trapped again. i hate him. i hate how he competes with me to get my moms attention. i hate how he bitches about me to my own mother. wtf has my life got to do wth him. i hate the way my mom tells him EVERYTHING about me and my life. i wish they would both fuck off. cant wait till i move out. shame its not till september tho :(

    grr sorry for ranting.