its happening again!

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  1. so i ahve this problem. my parents dont want me to hang out wiht this one girl in my class. but my best friends isnt either. yet she still does. i dont want to get in trouble so i stay out of their after school/during lunch get-togethers and eat at school or write in my journal. but what is happening now is the same thing that happened last time and it lead me to become even more depressed because i wasnt fitting in anymore. i felt like an outcast so i just stayed away from them. when i needed friends the most. when my world started to crumble before my eyes. i thought everything would get better. i kept everything bottled in. i never talked about "it" to anyone except my journal. i would explode on everyone. i would tell my sisters and brothers i hated them. i would threat them. i told them i would slit their thoughts all the time. and i dont want to go there again. but i live in a small town and sam is my only "friend" (i put friend in quote because she is the only person i tell things to) in groom. i hate this town but i want to get a good shot at college so i need money. i have a better chance for sholarships here. so i am sucking it up and going on. but im also loosing my friend while i doing it! i am not depressed anymorre and i would like to stay that way! for once in two years i am finally able to look at a razor without being tempted! i am happy and i dont want to relapse. and i defently do NOT want to go back to the pavilion! [/SIZE]
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    Maybe you should talk to your parents and explain things to them.