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It's Happening All Over Again- Trigger Warning

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He's yelling again. First it was because I didn't have anything done around the house. He told me I was a screw up and that I should have had the whole bleepin house clean and dinner made before he gets home because I don't do anything around the bleeping place ever. That's not true, I do the dishes, the laundry, cook dinner etc. but in order to prevent a problem I kept my mouth shut. He grabbed my face and shook me telling me that I was stupid. Then he told me to go be the same lazy bleep I always have been and sit on my butt while he made dinner. Only when he was making dinner he didn't want my help (because I'm stupid) so he burned dinner. Then he walked around the house saying he was stupid, that he's a f up, that he can never do anything right, that he's horrible, etc. etc. etc. Then he turned and looked at me and I swear to god these were his words: "if you would have had dinner ready like I expect you to, none of this would have happened you *****." I just looked at him and asked him if I could make dinner, if I could help do something. He pushed me into a wall and told me "no, you take your stupid self and go get me something from the store." So I left, I considered never coming back, I considered leaving the city, leaving the state, leaving the country, leaving the world... but I knew he would find me and I'd have hell to pay. So I went to the store and came back home to fix him dinner. When we got married, I never thought I'd see this day come... ever... but I guess you never really truly know someone until you live with them. It's like I married Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, only I'm the only person that ever sees the evil side... Not looking for sympathy just needed to get it out... :rant:
call the cops, what hes doing isnt right. get out of there

call this number: 1-800-799-7233 its the domestic abuse hotline, theyve dealt with this before and can help you out
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