its hell being traumatized

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Anserw to the previouse poster. Its hell being trumatized. 15 years or more my step-dad beating mum and great gran. The threats to kill the screams, my brother who brought a girl home. You guess the rest!?? Left alone at 6 years old on a night.

I was told to kill my own step-dad, I nearly did. Stopped in my tracks by authority. I Have BPD and a form of post turamatic stress.

Never be trumatize if you can help it beacuse this shit never leaves u!!!


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Traumatized is the closest thing to hell, if it aint hell itself. I know all to well what you are talking about. It is so hard to handle at times. I too have BPD and PTSD, not fun to live with.
Ever want to talk, PM me coz I am here for you.

I also have BPD,and I agree it is hell to live with. My description of it is "A roller coaster ride of moods and emotions to hell." I believe this description to fit the illness very well. And as far as being tramatized,yes I have been through a number of things Im not proud of in my lifetime. But I cant change the past.


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I relate to what you are saying as well. Surviving trauma is not a choice I would make if given the option. It would have been so much better if..........
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