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    ... the day everyone has been waiting for. The demise of all my failures, my mistakes, my loneliness,and all my other shortcomings. But you fools, you think you're getting the last laugh? Think again. She who laughs last laughs hardest and I will be laughing all the way to Hell!!!! Besides everyone that knows me knows I love the heat. So if I can be so dramatic, good bye cruel world and all you cruel people in it. I have been trying to be so nice and polite in everything I always say to others. But tonight is my last hurrah and I want to go out with a bang. Fuck everyone that ever thought I wasn't fitting into the "norm". There is no "norm". To Heaven ( I don't want to share Hell with ya) with all the people who kept informing me that I would never get it right. This is so right you'll never know! To Mr. Prime Minister, try and get my taxes now you asshole. To the man (no you aren't no man, you're a big fucking pig that should have his throat slit and hung to bleed so that you can be cut up in to bacon and hocks you mofo) at the bar, you may of got away with what you did, but it isn't hurting me any more. To my ex, see brackets in previous sentence. And before the mods get their "yichees" all tied up in a knot, this isn't a fucking suicide note, it's a wow, this feels soooo good note. And last but not least FUCK ME! Like the saying goes "bury me back side up so everyone can KISS MY ASS. Tootles!!!! :laugh: :biggrin: :laugh:
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    i hope you come back when your ready hun, remember you won't be alone as you have your angel with you.

    thinking of you always