its just the wind

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  1. MeAndYou

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    Im lonely. i feel like ive allowed my life to blow away with the wind.

    just whispering through the leaves



  2. Prof.Bruttenholm

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    Sometimes it's cool to be nobody.

    Ever read the Odyssey?

    Cyclops (Polyphemus): "Who are you?"

    Odysseus' Soldier : "He is King--

    Odysseus (cutting in) : "Me? I'm No Body"

    Polyphemus: "Very well nobody, bring me more wine"

    Later, while the giant cyclops slept, Odysseus came up with a plan, to blind the great beast and free his men from the cave they were trapped in. Using a sharped stick from the fire, Odysseus blinded polyphemus.

    Polyphemus (waking, roaring in pain) : "Aaaahhhh!!"

    Polyphemus runs to the cave, moving free the boulder while Odysseus and his men hide underneath the giant sheep that flee from the cave of Polyphemus, outside, Polyphemus cries out to his brother cyclops...

    Polyphemus : "Brothers!! Help, I've been blinded"

    Other cyclops : "Who? By who were you blinded?"

    Polyphemus : "Nobody! Nobody has blinded me!"

    The other cyclops are confused and think Polyphemus is lying, so they leave him.

    See? Isn't that cool?

    Now, why do you feel empty?
  3. absolution

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    :hug: You are someone. Someone special to people around you and people here. Hang in there hun. :hug:
  4. MeAndYou

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    just wanted to let you know
    you both brightened my week