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    I really don't know how much more I can take. I've been depressed nearly every day for over a year. Lately I've found myself cutting more and attempting to leave bruises on my side. Overly sensitive and dying to get away. I can't stand my mom's yelling and my parents fighting. I can't stand to feel super depressed every night. Constant nightmares, and uncontrolable thought in the day. I don't eat much anymore, nor do I have as much energy. Due to my home life being bad, Counciling has't helped and meds won't do any good. Please don't tell me things will get better. Somethings do, but this doesn't look like it will. BTW, this is only half my problems.. Sigh.. I am so helpless..
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    Hi and welcome to the forum :)
    It makes me sad to hear when people are hurting themselves physically mostly
    because of things others are doing....I mean, it is terrible to hear your parents fighting and yelling all the time, and I wish they didn't....sometimes is divorce a much better solution, instead of staying together and not being able to find a way to live in harmony.
    Though you didn't want to hear that, things will get better, I mean, you probably won't be living with your parents forever; in order to achieve that, it's important that you work on your future despite all adversities. So please try to keep your life going, like, do school or work so you can at some time achieve your independance and start to live your life in a more peacefull way.
    In the meanwhile, feel free to let all out here, tell us about you when and if you want.
    A lot of people here will be able to relate to you and probably give you good pieces of advice on how to cope.
    Don't give up, take good care,
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    Hi, you mention meds not being able to help. That seems to be the case for my depressions but have you tried them? What has helped get my depression under control is exercise, I run every day. Maybe you can try aerobic exercise too?

    I am sorry about your oversensitivity. When I am depressed the sound of a lawnmower or of someone coughing near me sounds worse than a nuclear blast- I can't imagine being around two people fighting constantly.
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    As for meds, I have never tried them. I'm saying I don't think it won't work because it'll end up playing with my emotions when there are problems right in front of me (such as parents arguing). As for being super sensitive, I meant though wise (And ya, even ppl yelling will remind me of what I'm experiencing).