Its my fault and I will get what I deserve

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    If it wasnt for me you wouldnt be here right now, and that would mean this situation could have been avoided. We took a step back at one point, and I should have had the balls to make sure that situation was permanent. Should have told you not to come up here, but I took the easy option...pathetic.

    Irrational and rushed, is how I would describe this move, and since I didnt think it through, she has had to pay the ultimate price. I dont know how I feel about it, just numb. I dont cry these days about anything, ever, so it doesnt surprise me that I havent.

    I should never have made this an option for you. You could have taken your time and moved when it suited you, and her, but I just rushed it cause I was so fed up. I should have gone on my own...I know that now, but its too late...its all too late.

    I will promise this though. I will try to make up for it, although it can never be done. I also know what goes around, comes around, and I fully expect to pay a price for my lack of foresight and selfishness. I have a feeling im going to pay very dearly for it, and so be it. I deserve whatever I get.
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    I don't know the whole situation Matt but truth be told if she did move down there it was her choice too. Even if you pressured her to do so she's a big girl and still made the choice on her own. She could have said no.

    I'm sorry if things don't work out but you can't fully take the blame for decisions made not only by ypou but by others as well.

    Shoot me a PM or MSN me if yuo're around. Take care.