Its my Fault she died

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by bambam, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. bambam

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    Never should've laid down for a nap on 9-3-11. Maybe she wouldn't have went to sleep and never woke up. She was my everything and now Leaving Las Vegas ain't got nothing on me. Gonna get that Insurance money, stay drunk until it's all gone and then show my love for this world with the sound of my gun.
  2. windlepoons

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    Sorry you feel like this. But you could not know what would happen. It was not your fault.

    Please do not blame yourself.
  3. bambam

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    way to late for that. She had home health coming by later in the day and my fat arse fell asleep on the bed with her. I awoke later to find her not breathing. Called around for Suicidal Therpy and they said they'd get back with me in a month or 2. FML
  4. total eclipse

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    you call and get grief therapy to help you deal with your loss to help you see more clearly it was not your fault. You phone crisis line and tell them how suicidal you are and get into hospital where you will get therapy you need hun to heal hugs
  5. bambam

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    yeah when i called for therapy they said it'd be the middle of Oct before they could fit me in.........
  6. Isabel

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    You could go to the hospital and get admitted. If you are in immediate danger for yourself they will take you in. You could not know what would happened, its not your fault. Also, ask family members and friends to be with you. Do not stay alone. She would not want for you to die, she would want you to go on and find happiness again. Keep reaching out here, maybe we can help some.
  7. Joshua2803

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    Im so sorry for your loss it wasnt your fault you didnt know it was gonna happen. so please dont blame yourself.
  8. Tmacster1

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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Whatever happened isn't your fault... Trust me it's hard not to blame yourself what happened. I keep blaming myself, but I know it wasn't my fault... But I still suffer from anger towards myself. Please continue to share your feelings with us. Your not alone remember that :hug: