its never going to stop is it

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by, Oct 7, 2010.

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    its been 9years since my 1st suicide attempt and there has been many since then, every time i think things may get better, im back to wanting to die, what have i done that is so evil to have had the life i have, not wanted as a baby, adopted and abused by adoptive parents, put in care then kicked out of care, 4 friends have died in 4 years is it my fault am i cursed or jinxed, how stupid is it that after so many suicide attempts that i cant even get that right
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    Hey Emma, Welcome to the forums.. It sounds like you have some misplaced guilt.. Have you seen a pdoc or a therapist?? You need professional help to help you get thru this.. You can't do it yourself..You have us to help back you up.. Tell us more so we can support you..Take Care!!
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    hi stranger i am under pdoc and on a variety of meds, none of which seem to be helping, i struggle to tell them how im really feeling and end up saying im ok wen im not, its really fustrating because i want to tell them that i cant cope, im tired of fighting it and suicide seems the best way out but the words wont come out, im so so tired of it all
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    Hi emma..have you thought of writing how you really feel down and giving it to the doctors to read...please try so they can give you the appropriate treatment..
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