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It's night time now

Discussion in 'I Need Empathy and Compassion (No advice wanted)' started by Heavens Heart, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Heavens Heart

    Heavens Heart Well-Known Member

    Latly when I wake I dread the day I have have to take minute by minute last 3 days. Now im in bed dreading the nite as sleep wont come easy . The narcissist is using kid 19 whos in collage as a weapon. Bad talking me
    I am so tired of this evil man' bs
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  2. dtc

    dtc Getting there

    Sorry to hear that you're having to deal with this, know that people are here for you, you don't need to deal with this alone.

    Take care
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  3. Dawn

    Dawn Well-Known Member

    Narcissists are the worst and leave long lasting damage if u have the misfortune of being close to them. I am so sorry u are going through this. I know it is very hard to recover, but time will help even tho it doesn't feel that way now. How very distressing to have him using your child as a weapon and it is sick. Again, I am so sorry u are having to suffer through this and I hope u were able to get some good rest.
  4. Heavens Heart

    Heavens Heart Well-Known Member

    Ty yes it's a ot to deal with . This place has helped very much it' st I g but I hope the narc will feel some pain down the road
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  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    We're here for you, I am sorry you ere having a rough time, I hoe we can ease your issues a little for you. Take things minute by minute, don't listen to anyone's bs, you're worth more than that :)
  6. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    Hi Heavens Heart, I don’t know your story but I just wanted to say that I am here listening if you want to download. Hugs xx
  7. Heavens Heart

    Heavens Heart Well-Known Member

    Ty just a struggle ater leave a narcissit and his rages. He us using my son as weapon my daughter is aware of what her dad is . He was screaming and raging she did a suicide attempt but is ok now . It seams impossible to heal after leaving a narc its been 1 and half years im still struggle . Its so painfull
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  8. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    That's a long time to be fighting this guy. The kids are adults, let them deal with him. Try to make sure the kids know the real truth about things. They're old enough to decide for themselves & will understand if their dad is a dick before long. Best wishes.
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  9. Heavens Heart

    Heavens Heart Well-Known Member

    Thanks I just feel totally worthlss and unlovable
  10. dtc

    dtc Getting there

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  11. Heavens Heart

    Heavens Heart Well-Known Member

    Ty I refers to that awsome video few times yes I will have to let the adult son decide opinion on his dad I just worry as my adult daughter loved with him and he raged unroll she attempted suicide she lives with me now and is doing great
  12. dtc

    dtc Getting there

    It's good that your daughter is with you and doing well, all you can do is be there for your son.
  13. gypsylee

    gypsylee SF Supporter

  14. Heavens Heart

    Heavens Heart Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing that so appreciated out stories are so similar
    I keep trying but when I fall of the wagon so to speak it me considering suicide . Yes sometime I too feel the law isn' there for me you give me encouragement hugs