its no fair

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    it isn't fair. for fucks sake, dad made a suicide attempt on sunday morning, and what happens? its all back to normal and i'm sworn to secrecy. i can't even tell anyone, and when i did, i get completely hammered for it. cant mum understand that if i DONT tell, then one day i will prolly walk down the street and end up exploding. it isn't fucking fair.

    i'm tired of it, i'm frustrated and ya know what? running away almost sounds like an awesome idea.

    but seriously, me and mum have completely switched roles. i mean, i'm the one thats all responsible and thinking rationally... and what does she do? she sulks about it. i am a friggin teenager. i want my mum to BE a mum... it might actually help once in a while. argghh

    its not fair, i cant afford to be immature about it. actually thats a bit of a contradiction, i just sound like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum now... better stop.
  2. Esmeralda

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    Same with me. When my Dad died, I held my Mom together just because I knew we couldn't both afford to fall apart. It DID get better though, once she came around, if that's any consolation. PM me if you need a chat :)
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    Parents sometimes lean much too heavily on their teenagers, guess in one way it shows how much respect they have for you, of course from the teenagers view it's just too much to deal with along with their own pain and problems.
    Communication is the only way to resolve this although that may have to wait until the situation has calmed down a little.
    You seem to be doing admirably and I hope we can continue to support you while you work through this.
  4. thedeafmusician

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    i hate being a teenager sometimes. but then again, i don't wanna be a little kid either, because then people look down on ya even more. on the flip side, i dont wanna be an adult either - just a new set of problems. but thinking like that would just make me come to the conclusion that i shouldn't exist... but its not a good conclusion.

    sorry, i guess you'll all have to put up with me..i need to rant.

    -edit- everyone says i'm doing admirably, amazingly, wonderful, etc etc... although, to be honest i dont feel like it. i'm barely coping, if you can call it that. i have to cope anyway, like i said..what choice do i have?
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    As a mum, I'm kind of envious that your mum feels able to lean on you..I try to hide everything from my son because his way of dealing with mum not doing well is to flip out at me :dry: :sad:
    My mother was never stable enough for me to regard her as a parent, so know how frustrated you're feeling. Lean on your friends hun, my friends saved my life in my teens.
  6. ~PinkElephants~

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    First off I'm so sorry that your dad made a suicide attempt. :hug: for staying so strong even thought you don't want to be strong and you want to be a typical teenager. You are not a spoiled child throwing a are a teenager who has to take on the role of a mother figure which you shouldn't have to do. You should be able to let down that guard and just be you instead of being the tough one. Be safe hun, here if you need to talk :hug:
  7. mp

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    I agree with Kanani79.

    I'm always here for you....please take care...