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It's not even a struggle anymore!

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I can't stand it anymore. Everything I love or try just doesn't bring me any sort of joy or relief anymore. I recently tried <edit moderator total eclipse method>again just to escape but all it did was give me clarity on how miserable and hollow I feel inside! With every passing day I battle the severe lack of motivation, the depression, and the general toils of responsibility but it's like I'm juggling flaming chainsaws while being distracted by a monkey throwing knives at me. I slipped and almost lost my job today and now I just feel worse because I'm seeing how badly I'm struggling!

I can't take this losing streak any longer! I have to end it!
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how about call crisis line or call doctor and get some therapy or medication to get you feeling better hugs:hugtackles:
I've been going to therapy but I stopped after seeing how much I was descending deeper into a depression. My current meds don't even stabilize me anymore and at the end of the day I still have to deal with myself! I want to be in a place where I can at least look forward to going to everyday!

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YOu see your meds are not working they need to be adjusted up the dose or try new medication it works hun just ask you doc tell him or her you need help to get out of this darkness your in Get your meds adjusted hugs
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