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It's not funny

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I am worried here. I am worried about some troubled members. Please, think of the seriousness of what you write or intentions. How troubling does it feel to us when one of our fellow members is going to end it and there's nothing we can do? I'm sure we can all relate to that helpless feeling. I have attempted suicide for many reasons. We all have our reasons. I am better now, but I am not going to lie to you or myself by saying it won't come back. Full blown hell. I can't tell you that I won't ever attempt again. Some of us have and will die by our own hands. I can't stop that. None of us can. I don't know where I am going with this. Death is the biggest decision you and I will make. If you are going to do it, then damn it you are going to do it. Oh, just really THINK about it. That's all.


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Amicus im sorry that you are worried aobut people.i often worry about people on here a lot too.i think many of us do.

i hope nobody on here would think suicide or writing aobut it funny though.If they do then im sorry but quite frankly they should not be on this forum.

It is a very serious subject.
Amicus, I understand what you are saying. When we publicly reach out for help, many peoples feelings are at risk. Although we are all here for that reason, to offer and recieve help, we also must remember the effects it may have and that it is a very serious thing. I truly hope we do not have any members that are simply using this for means of getting attention. I believe most are serious and am glad they are reaching out for help and support. I will give what I can when I can and I know others will, too. It is all we can do. I am not sure if I went where you were thinking or not. Sort of turned into a ramble there. Sorry. As you said, please Think about it. Very good advice. :hug:
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