Its not me.

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    It really isnt. I would say, at least for now, that it's not possible for my brain to focus on such things, while I'm itching to have some fun. Truth be told, I don't think its ever gonna be me. Its time for a sweet confession, I admit it - I just don't have the patience. Do I need it? no, Do I want it? meh, neither yes or no, Do I care that I haven't got it? perhaps, but largely because of the emphasis other people place on it. I can do more through other means. Its a feeling in the waters. Bit like the feeling I had with words one time, and the english language. Had this strange sensation that I should really focus on the word, individual words to make sure they were just right. Right now, that's past me, but it still holds. I like words.

    Wish I had someone to run amuk with, pref female, you have no idea of how far this devil is willing to sink right now. I need some spice, but I cant seem to get it :(

    Btw mate, I think I know you, and I think in 5 years time, what you do now is going to be irrelevant, cause, like me, your itching for something more, something different, and you aint gonna find that in an office.
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    you're post/threads are so vague, like i get what it is about, but again this anonymous person, im so curious!!! i wanna know who :tongue:
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    ya I know, going through a weird stage right now. The last part just refers to a male friend of mine and his personality, just commenting on how I think he has a sense for adventure and wouldnt be happy in an office.