It's not personal, it's just rejection.

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    Somehow though that doesn't stop it from hurting:dry:. So my employment history is my latest struggle in rejoining the world or rather the workforce. So after I relived my trauma in court 2-3 years after the fact, I was working and had this awful boss but never felt I could quit. My husband got a new job and we moved and after not working for two years, I got a part time summer job. It's now been another year of unemployment after my summer job and I have yet to get what I really want, which is a fulltime, adult job that requires a Bachelors degree. We moved last fall again because my husband is temporally working fulltime for the military (which could last anywhere from a year to five) he's traditionally part time National Guard.

    It doesn't help either that what I got my degree in (Multimedia and Web Design) I have no interest in doing anymore so that also leaves me with no real experience. I can't type, never worked in any real office job or job that a college student couldn't do and I'm 27 and feeling like by now I should have my career, and be settled.

    I've fixed my resume several times and always personally write my cover letters to each job I'm applying for. I use to have no problems getting jobs and now I feel like I'm never going to get one. It gets harder with every rejection letter or phone call to send resumes and cover letters.

    It's so silly-I sit here and think I got great grades in school, I'm hardworking, have my Bachelors degree and am generally a good person with some skills and yet no one wants me. Maybe I’m being a Job Snob by not applying for everything, even the hourly high school/College type jobs. Looks like it wasn't such a good idea to hide from the world and not work for so long:sad: I hate that I feel ashamed about the whole situation as well.