It's official, I'm just a hit me

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    I am starting to think that once you are a victim of abuse you will continue to be abused in your life. Whether physical, emotional or sexual the cycle never ends. I think bullies and abusers leave a symbol on your forehead that is perhaps invisible to everyone except abusers that says "ABUSE THIS ONE"

    I AM SO STUPID TO THINK THAT I CAN HIDE FROM MEAN PEOPLE WHO WILL ONLY TAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS. I always say after someone takes advantage of me that I will be stronger next time and learn to put a mean face on, learn to not smile, to not be welcoming but then I don't because I feel it isn't fair to the rest of the world so here I go smiling again and become a victim...

    Life is so unfair and I know when time comes for ultimate judgement they will get what they deserve but Lord knows it's so hard for us while we are still on Earth. I don't want to hate my life because there is so much good in it and I should be grateful but people make me so angry and confused. I just want to scream
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    I agree with you tishany. It does seem that once you have been a victim of abuse, there somehow is something about you that draws others that are abusive to you. Once a victim, always a victim. I don't know why this is. Is there a certain look, scent, vibration given off? I truly don't know. I do hope you find it within yourself to become stronger and stop the cycle. I wish we all could. You are right that kindness seems to be mistaken sometimes for leaving you open to be used and abused. Taken advantage of. I do not think you are stupid or weak. Kindness can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the situation I suppose. It definitely should not be seen as a weakness. Don't change who are tishany. That person is exactly what this world needs more of. Work on that strength to overcome and no longer be a victim. :hug: