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Its official I'm worthless

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Well recently I've been trying to get out more and hava a positive attitude. I was talking to this girl I used to know on facebook. She says she misses me and wants to chill like old times. I finally think maybe things will go good for once so I say ok and give her my number and ask for hers. She hasn't written back since. Which means deep down inside she never wanted to hang out. Its pretty obvious why since I'm F***ing worthless. It seems like this always happens with girls and with life. They say life has ups and downs but I see only downs. I could accept the downs more if once in while ONE UP WOULD COME!!!!! but it doesn't my life will always suck.


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Your worth had nothing to do with it. People tend to be flakes online. If she gets back to you. I recommend blowing her off. Otherwise you need to move to the next one. Do not let this get you down too much.


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How long she did not write back to u and maybe you already have those negative thoughts that it will not work out already, maybe she is just busy and if not, just screw her... just stay believing ok, just do not think bad, but more positive. Then people will come more towards you. You'll be fine ok...
Do your best not to take rejection personal, Forgotten man is right there are a lot of flakes online. It's like baseball you may strike out more then you score home runs. If you have a .200 or .250 average it's okay.

Lot's of girls or women like to use men so they feel their wanted even if they aren't really interested. Even guys do this as well, they just want someone to chat to here and there, so they know others desire to be with them. Often times when someone show's interest in you or too much it turns you off.

When dating it's almost always the case we desire someone at least or not equal then we rate ourselves. No one really wants to date down so to speak. Maybe lower your standards a bit. Lower expectations leads to less disappointment.

I'd much rather a girl who is a 6-7 on looks and genuine with an down to earth personality, then a 8-10 who's a conceited bitch and is only using you. Then again it all depends on what you want.
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You have worth whether or not someone else sees it!

If I say the sky is maroon - it doesn't mean it is... Their response to you has nothing to do with your worth a a person; you are worth having someone who actually sees your worth - yes, it is hard...

In my opinion, I have found true friends when I try giving without any expectation of a response...


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i know what this is like,
hardly ever see the ups in life and need people to convince me i have some.
and as for rejection i only know rejection which makes you feel worthless doesnt it? but really the amount of guys/girl interested doesnt reflect on our worth otherwise normal people would be worthless compared to slags.
plus she may just not have been on fb recently dont stress to much about it *hugs*


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Please hang in there - There are many who care - even when they can't always respond - I am going off line and won't be able to check back until Sunday at the earliest.... but I will be thinking about you

Take care of yourself and keep reaching out! You are worth it!!


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Worth less than what?

At least you've had a women say something nice in public to you - that is hardly a sign you are worthless.

The last time a women said something nice to me in public - I was passing a brothel in Amsterdam. Her flattery therefore was not quite as authentic as your own. (and no, I never went in)

I don't know about flaky - good word though, I'll remember it as I'm sure there are tons of flaky women online - hells bells - many married women are likely up late with a jug of wine just PLAYING with men. And more fool for us for biting the bait!

As far as I'm concerned, I'd never use the internet to find a women. This is not to say it will never happen - its a possibility I suppose but I'd not join a dating website and don't use any of the social networking tools out there - so will not be tweeting, face-booking or otherwise getting technically entangled.

Then again, its cheap than courting a women this online stuff! You could send virtual flowers - copy and paste some obscure love poem and claim it 'just came to you' and generally LIE!

But anyhow, I see the 'attraction' perhaps in flirting online maybe - but very subtly and at my age I certainly have to pick and choose because I'm in my late forties and so anyone under the age of thirty - that would be, shall we say, not appropriate? You have to revise the rules as you grow older. You got responsibilities even if your single and can afford it. I'm poor which thankfully steers off all those high maintenance, high powered women who hunt the older male - usually for his cash or some trophy if your famous or something.

Besides, this is a bloody Suicide Forum - not Dating Central - so for the most part - all of it in fact - my concern here is simply to help others and perhaps ask of help if ever I might need it.

Good luck with romance though - there's nothing like a good women to bring a man to his senses - someone who sees though the bullshit we are so practised in - someone who calls you out on that sh**.

I'm not quite ready for that yet.

I mean, sometimes a man might have dreams which seem like bullshit.

And sometimes, you meet the wrong women and you'll change into what she wants - not what you were meant to be - or what you desire to be.

I've seen too many men fall for the wrong women - I'd say 6-7 out of 10 end up divorced or otherwise made to leave - so be careful out there - court a women and take time to get to know her in reality which means face to hand - hand in hand perhaps - were a laugh will fill your soul and not just come across as the 'lol' which sounds the same whether it is genuine or someone crying just making it all up on the edge of a cliff!

Also a hug - in reality a hug off a women can be a myriad of things - could mean 'more than a hug' if it lingers more than a second too long and she presses into you more than a friendly hug.

Lets face it the internet is great for a lot of communication - as seen here. But matters of love - its such a subtle thing and you can never feel that 'spark' which comes when you meet someone who makes you feel good inside by just 'talking' to someone online.

You can feel many bonds online - genuine ones - but not romantic love.

You might meet a women who shares all your interests - likes your music - your reading material, art likes and politics. You might be further 'matched' by a myriad of other facets to our characters. A sense of humour is almost a prerequisite of love so she will laugh at your jokes and you at hers.

Even if we drew up a questionnaire with 500 questions - and even if some women matched you question for question - you don't know how you or her will feel until you meet them - check out the 'vibe' as the old hippies used to say. I mean there is a vibe between people - and love carries its own special one.

If you feel sick to your core after meeting a women - can't sleep, can't eat, can't study or read or look at a movie or TV show. If you feel a pain in your stomach just thinking about her - that's love - and you don't feel that way about anyone until you actually meet them.

Regardless of all that - maybe your unique ability to see into the future might be better rewarded if you can use the skills to see the winning lottery numbers?

Alas - you cannot see the future - which is a good thing as it means that your own ability to KNOW you are nothing and will never be anything - is based on nothing concrete.

The things with failing is to see it as mere practice for the success.

PS - See your doctor if you feel really bad. Lots of courses of action to take but you have to march there first before you get your battle plan together in defeating the depression - if you have depression.

Regards - and hope things get better soon and the coming year sees you in better spirits as the weeks go on.

Good luck and God Bless.


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Man i feel you 100%. i always try to keep my chin up and act nice and talk to these girls they say one thing then the next thing you know there gone and you just think how they never once thought of being you with it makes you feel so worthless and unloved, its a big part of my depression too. you need to get help, im gonna have to do it too. good luck with your journey.
Its not like I've never met her before I know her quite well I just used facebook so we could hang out in person. It doesn't matter now though. I might not be able to guess the lottery numbers but I can make a educated guess of whats going to happen. I always try to think positive but it seems like things always suck and are never good. I feel like luck or whatever everyone else has that allows good things to happen I DON'T HAVE IT which sucks.
I really apperciate you guys trying to help I didn't think I would get any responses and this is the worst I've felt in a while. I told her not to worry about getting back to me. I don't know if that was the right thing or not I'm just so sick of the BS always.
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