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    I am the cause of all problems in my family. I am nothing but a terrible son,brother, grandson, nephew, friend. I don't deserve anyone in my life. I do nothing but hurt everyone and destroy everything. I wish I would've never been born, because that's easier than ending my own life. Only because I'm too much of a coward. I don't know why I'm still here. I have never felt like such a piece of trash in my life. Alcoholic, drug addict, self centered, fucking retard. God damn it. I truly hate myself. I only hope for something to take me in my sleep or a tragic accident. I come here to try to talk to people or try to find comfort and no one cares to talk to me. I can't blame anyone. I wouldn't want to talk to me either. I deserve nothing but horrible things to happen to me. I would like for the mods to delete my account, but I've ask them and no response. I just don't belong anywhere other than in the ground.
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    Hi Needshelp...I have felt like a total failure myself, and often times, it is because the people around me have not been kind...about navigating SF, please speak to an administrator or staff and see how we can help...often times, when someone feels unwanted here, suggestions can be made to improve the way a members uses the site...if you would like, please PM me and I will surely respond...also, I am hopeful that you will consider speaking to a counselor, or such about the way you we perceive ourselves very often effects how others interact with us
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    Most people I've been "friends" with over the past 10 years have done nothing but make me feel like trash. Rarely did I ever find good people to associate myself with. I'm truly a disgusting, horrible person. My family fucking hates me and they have every right to. Although I've helped them out financially, I've been a horrible son, and I feel like I should move far away from the world and just slowly pass on. I don't deserve to be, and for the time being I deserve to be in excruciating pain. I feel like my time is coming to a close. I didn't expect to live this long anyway. Why does it matter? If I'm here or not. At least if I die, my family can sell all my belongings and they'll get some money, and they can pay off whatever debts they still have, and maybe live happy. My life doesn't truly matter. I think of how my situation isn't as bad as others, like in 3rd world countries, or people who life with a severe disability, and I'm a Whiney little fucking bitch. I need to shut my god damn mouth. In here and in real life. The word hate doesn't even cover how much I dislike myself. And it's not like I would even know what makes me happy.