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It's Only A Dream... (Trigger Warning, please take caution when reading)

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I have been having the worst nightmares ever! I keep having these dreams that are so real, I have to wake myself up before they get too far. One night, I had gone to bed around 2am and immediately started dreaming. The dream started out normal, I was just walking through a park at night. (I've been known to walk at night to clear my mind, but normally with a friend or my dog.) In my dream, I was walking by myself and I came up to a bridge. I decided to go through the tunnel of the bridge and continue my walk. When I got to the middle of the bridge, there was a man standing there in a black sweatshirt, jeans and ski mask. This seemed odd to me because it was very hot and I was running in a tank top and shorts. So I go to run past the guy and he mumbles something, ignoring him, I keep running and push on toward my destination. Then, the man starts to run with me and put it foot out to trip me. I fell to the pavement and scraped up my face, arms and legs. I then see this figure above me and for some reason I pass out. I wake up later, to find that this "creature" is on top of me, doing vile things. Only when I look around, there is a crowd of people cheering him on. They are telling him, "make it hurt," "make her cry," "she deserves this." On and on the jeering went but I couldn't push him off or make a sound. Once he's done, his friend comes up and starts doing the same thing. This insanity continues for hours as each person in the group "has their turn" with the broken girl under the bridge. Then I always wake up and I sit there shaking until I finally throw up.

I don't understand this nightmare and I just want it all to stop. I don't know why I shared this and I'm sure its a bit upsetting but I had to type this out and get it out of my mind. I can't take much more of this.... I'm on the edge and I'm about to fall.


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Sending hugs to you.. :hug: I want them (the nightmares) to stop too for your sake. I enjoy talking to you, and I'm really sorry to hear that you're having a tough time still. Stay in touch...Mr. A


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Dreams like that are very scary. :hug:

Want to say that sometimes my dreams are very vivid, but often they are not about the "content" of the dream, but more about the feelings I have in the dream. So, I'm wondering, is there anything else going on in your life that makes you feel "raped" or at least "screwed over"? Are things piling up and and you feel trapped, and that no one around you is helping? (Just ideas you might want to think about.)

I hope you get some peaceful sleep tonight.


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on_the_edge, first I want to tell you how sorry I am that you are having such a horrible nightmare. I know how disheartening it can be. It is always hard to try and interpret the meaning of a dream. All dreams are highly personal in nature, thus they will have drastic differences in meaning from reader to reader.

I have just begun to write about some of my dreams. Writing about them isn't easy, but I do feel a sense of relief by getting them out of me. One of the worse reoccurring nightmares I have had has suddenly stopped. It stopped right after I wrote it and shared it here. It is still very recent so I can't say that the dreams won't return to me, but as of now writing them down and sharing seems to have helped. I hope, and pray that by you sharing this dream with us it will help you.

This is for you if it is okay. :hugtackles:

My inbox is always open if you need to talk.
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