It's only physical.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by love-scars, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. love-scars

    love-scars Guest


    I am in love with someone to whom, our relationship will only ever be physical. To him, the 'love' that we share is in nothing more than a forceful touch here, a manipulative tongue there.

    He's dating my best friend now. He still comes back to me to achieve that satisfaction, and I happily oblige, to the worst of my knowledge of course. It'll only ever lead to my destruction. :blub:

    And frankly? That doesn't bother him one bit. :blub:

    Just counting down the days until I crack.:eek:hwell:
  2. brainstorm

    brainstorm Well-Known Member

    Since my body screams at me and at the world for lack of "a forceful touch here, a manipulative tongue there" going on 30 years (or 18, if I let my childhood go by), I won't judge you.

    But you should listen more to those feelings you're having. Turn that energy outward and get rid of that guy instead of turning it inward and hurting yourself. He doesn't care for the whole of you, but like most people, he'll take advantage of you for as long as you let him. People aren't mean or unfair, they're just people. So are you.
  3. JustWatchMeChange

    JustWatchMeChange Well-Known Member

    As Dr Phil says, "You teach people how to treat you." Are you really in love with him or the person you wish he were?
  4. love-scars

    love-scars Guest


    I was in love with him, in the beginning when it wasn't physical.In the beginning where he was an amazing friend to me for four years, and then someone changed him....

    If I could get over it easily, I wouldn't be here. If I could get over it at ALL I wouldn't be here either.

    And yet when I am horribly hurt, he's always there, always watching me from a distance to make sure I don't end this.

    What am I supposed to think, in this situation?

    I don't even really know if it is physical. Feels like it... and yet it doesn't.

    He's here at my worst. He's not here at my best.

    What to do....:blink:
  5. Suicidal_Dragon

    Suicidal_Dragon Active Member

    hey love-scars,
    it has been a while since i have been on.... long time no talk...
    I read your posts... I am sorry to hear about that.
    You love him more than physically, i understand that, but you have to let him go. As far as i am concerned is the guy is a total f***ing a$$ for not caring. I right now, can not give you more than those simple words. And maybe that is just what I think.

    Pm me ok i will help you, you know that...
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