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  1. victor

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    if the nite turn cold
    and the stars look down
    and u hug urself
    on the cold cold ground
    u wake the mornin
    in the strangers coat
    no one would u see
    u ask urself
    whod watch 4 me?
    my only friend.. who could it be?
    its hard to say it..
    i hate to say it..
    ..but its probably me
    nobody will ever love her like i do im afraid. we have this bond 4 life. thats why its so hard 4 her to leave me, even if she wants to.. is he the ONE 4 her? perhaps.. but it might be not
    its probably not
    coz if theres one guy
    just one guy
    who'd lay down his life 4 u and die
    its hard to say it
    i hate to say it
    ..but its probably me
  2. victor

    victor Account Closed

    sometimes i wish i were an angel
    sometimes i wish i were u..
    i love my baby so much.. i get angry sometimes, when she treats me like shit.. but eventualy i feel bad 4 being angry, coz i know she didnt mean to hurt me. shes so perfect, u know. shes like nothing i have ever seen before and never will again. im at fault 4 everything bad what happened, trust me. all she wants is to be happy. if she doesnt wanna be with me, that probably means she doesnt think i can make her happy:( but i can, i swear. i could do anything 4 her. she knows that. any fucking thing. can that guy do more? i dont think so..
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