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    I’m a psychology student for almost 6 years now. And yeah 6 years coz I’ve been messin’ up here and there coz I’m just messed up like that. Anyway it’s sad to think that I’m sorrounded by people who knows alot about circumstances like mine and yet these people are the ones that gives no actual fuck about anyone and are only concerned about their own personal gains. And the worst part is they’re the ones who put people down the most. I’ve been in these circles for 6 years and I know the ins and outs of these and I’ve witnessed many fucked up things. Idk if I’m just unluckily put into this place or that it’s just me being fucked up that I am but I just feel really bad about all of this and I don’t really know now who to approach and if I really have enough in me to trust a professional psychiatrist/psychologist considering I’m seeing how these professionals are made.
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    I hear you i do being in a caring field i to have seen some of the professionals not being so professional but you can change that feeling for others you will never be one of the ones that harm because you know how it feels Talk to someone outside someone you can trust ok a church person a councilor you fight for the support you need and deserve and don't let anyone stop you from getting help you need.
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    It really does not matter what field - all people are simply people in the end - some good , some not. When it comes to college students, the same general stereotypes apply. Doctor, Social worker, counselor etc - they are all simply job titles. Janitor, cook, mechanic, no different at all. Some will be very good, most will be average, some will be bad. When it comes to students and the academic pursuit of knowledge in the area all suffer the same blindness- that reading some books gives them insight and greater ability but when it comes to psych I would bet many of the patients a new counselor or therapist gets in their first year have read and studied far more than they did in their field in university.

    I do not think you can possibly evaluate any of your classmates ability to do a job in the future based on how they act when they are college students, and expecting them to treat or understand at this point is not apt to yield good results. Finding an actual experienced professional that instead of having read some books or listened to lectures has sat in front of a few thousand patients is surely a better bet for competence. And their professional competence tbh has nothing to do with how they live their life as an individual when they are not working,.