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    The neighborhood I live in is disgusting, filthy, with mice and so so many stray cats. There's litterl and garbage all over the ground at any given time, because the other people here just don't care about the appearance of the community. There's always people loitering around and smoking cigarettes and weed in PUBLIC and it pissed me off! I have no problem with people smoking, but at least do it in your own damn home, on the balcony or patio which everyone has, or in your car! Not out in the damn public and in the hallways of apartment buildings! That's just disgusting!
    I'm so sick of people acting like monkeys and heathens around here, it pisses me off. There's never a time of peace and joy in this god damned place. There's always some violence or someone seeling drugs, or people just loitering around and throwing their damn trash right on the god damned ground when there's a trash bin or dumpster less than 30 feet away!!!!!!!
    I usually like the snow, but NOT here!!! THE SNOW LOOKS ALL TAINTED and disgusting because there's trash all over the ground. Even the view from the balcony of the small wooded area, which otherwise would be very pleasant and natural, is completely ruined by the god damned filthy garments that people have ruthlessly thrown into the woods, so there are boxers, briefs, pants, plastic bags and all sorts of trash sitting around and hanging from branches of trees. It's so distasteful and I hate it. Otherwise, snow would be such a beautiful sight to enjoy and not have to always be reminded of how filthy and stupid people are around here. I just want to kill them ALL. They do NOT deserve to exist here if they can't get it fucking right, and I can't wait to move out of this cesspool.
    You cannot just carelessly throw garbage on the ground, and deal and smoke dope, leaving your used condoms and dime bags and used syringes all over the god damned ground around playgrounds, where there are children. What a bunch of reckless IDIOTS! They don't care about anyone else, they don't care about their community, and they have nothing better to do with themselves and it pisses me off. It's not as if they're unaware of what they can do, they just refuse to fucking DO IT!

    God I hate this place, but mostly the people that make this place so fucking awful. A few more months and my ass is OUTTA here for-fucking-ever!!

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    What is the apartments owners policies regarding these things?
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    I've lived in places like that. It's just nasty. I hope you can get out of there soon!
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    You'd think all the cats would kill the mice...
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    That does sound gross! Glad you will be able to move soon :hug: