It's that time, I guess.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by NobodyHome, Jul 26, 2010.

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  2. Sa Palomera

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    Firstly I'm sorry to hear you're in this place :hug:

    Secondly, i think it's a good thing you are okay with not being depended on. Being depended on or being responsible for someone else often brings along many burdens and responsibilities which isn't always a good thing. So I'd try and see that as a positive thing if I were you.

    Also, I suggest, maybe seeing a psychotherapist? They can be really helpful, once you find one that suits you and around whom you feel comfortable enough.

    As for the whole city making you unhappy. Do you think you'd feel better living somewhere else? Maybe try staying in another city or maybe another part of the city, or a village nearby for a weekend or maybe even a week? If you feel better there it might be an idea to think about moving.
    Environment is a very important thing in regards to your happiness. People often don't realise how much impact their environment has on their emotional well-being. One can't be happy in a place they hate. All you have to do is figure out whether the city is part of what makes you unhappy, or if you're unhappy and that causes you to feel this way about the city.

    Okay that's all I've got for you, unfortunately. Feel free to hit me up in chat or by a private message if you ever want to vent/rant.

  3. NobodyHome

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    I've never personally been to a psychotherapist, but my little sister attempted suicide last year and as a result our whole family went to various doctors and all of them were the same. They're pseudo intellects who use obvious measures to draw wrong conclusions. I found myself finishing most of the doctor's sentences because of how typical their responses were. This is why I don't think going to one is a good idea. Because of what she did, you may feel like the problem stems from our home, but it doesn't. Our parents are middle working class people who have given us whatever they possibly could.
  4. Cardiology

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    I can understand the hoplessness and utter desperation to see something worthy in life to keep going. But although these thoughts seem to intrude daily, find some way to hold on. I guess I try to think of family as a source of reason and a bit of hope that things will be better.

    Maybe talking things out with your family would be of benefit, even though you have this perception of yourself as being strong and independent, sometimes just talking to someone who is closest to you can sometimes be the most beneficial where you can let down your wall.

    If not talk to someone you don’t know like a doctor/ psychologist, where that perception isn’t there. And sometimes that is what is needed and may help.

    And if a change of environment is what is needed see what is out there and explore. You have to make these changes though to see what makes you happy

    But calling out for help is one of the first steps I think of getting better

    Wish I could help more
  5. total eclipse

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    i hope your little sister is getting the help from professionals that care like psychologist okay get one that deals with what happen to make her sad each specializes different techniques as well.

    You get help too okay your sadness will not go away on its own meds can help try new doctor new psychologist not all are the same I have one now that cares to listen that sees okay every doctor is different try new one okay
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