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Its Time To Go

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I wrote in another thread,today is even worse. My bf insists I get meds/therapy,doesnt want to guarantee any part of keeping a committment to me. once again,its me debasing myself and he does nothing. He even wants me to watch some stupid CBN show about hell,knowing that i have a fear of supernatural,have since i was a child. He says other girls dont cut themselves or are as hard to deal with as i am,and says that my sister told him that i was too much to deal with and he shouldnt put up with me.

I cant take it anymore. it hurts too much to breathe. I dont have my best plan-he took my supplies-but i have another one that will work. Im trying to get the courage to do it tonight. it only takes 15-45 minutes,supposedly. 45 minutes isnt too long to acheive peace is it? i just cant do this anymore. i dont want to be awake anymore.
Pretty sure that guy is doing more harm than you know. Don't let him give you that crap, and don't -DON'T- hurt yourself. That'll make things worse, seeing as how you're in some pretty severe pain as it is.

Get BETTER, ok? Don't just deal with these problems and not do anything about them. You fix problems, not ignore them. You're the one with the power to solve your problems, so solve them. Don't ignore them. Hang on hang on hang on...
It should work. Unfortunately can t do it tonight b/c bf took my car keys,said I was too "hysterical" to drive. theres always tomorrow though. thanks for your input,but I dont know how to fix anything anymore-i just screw it all up. My way of fixing it is to leave.
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