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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by FallingAngel, Oct 31, 2006.

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    I feel like its time to get things in order. I need to leave this life and maybe reincarnate into another one. Hopefully a better one than this one. And if there is no reincarnation, I'd like to just be free... flying away and never looking back. This life only brings me pain. I feel like a prisoner because I can't let the bad feelings out. I can't even cry, even though I want to. I feel like I am trapped. I am losing control. I feel so bad about myself. I hate me! I need to be free of myself. No one else likes me... and if they dont want to be around me... then neither do I.
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    Fallen Angel,
    don't worry, you are not feeling like this alone. but i would appreciate if you pm.d me and told me what is really wrong (i'm not always online sorry), but first, is what you are saying really true?

    Does this life ONLY bring you pain. you can't count 1 blessing ever?
    Does feeling like a prisoner, really mean that you are a prisoner? is this a fact?
    You can let the bad feelings out, tell us more.
    feeling so bad about yourself, we all do @ times. but that doesn't mean we are bad does it?
    Whe you say 'i hate me' what habit is it about you that you hate? that just tells me that you have discovered something in you that you don't like and would like to change. good starting point. slowly by slowly is the pace of nature.

    'no one else likes me' - how can you prove this. can you read our minds? Angel, right now i am thinking something about you...(it might be negative or positive, won't tell ya). Now, can you tell me what i just thought about you? tel me how you know that i don't like you.

    '...and if they don't want to be around me...' - how can you tell that? how is this a fact? how can you have a proof to this statement unless you ask 'them'?

    fallen angel, talk back to that voice and tell it to 'prove' these 'feelings' to be 'facts'.
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