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    I want my confidence back now.

    It's pissing me off that it's gone

    It's almost been 2 years since her, one year since my spine operation. I want to go back to karate, I want to start climbing. I need to do exercise, I have no body confidence and I've met someone and I want to be able to be confident with them.

    How do you gain it back? I miss just shoving any old piece of clothing on in the morning instead of my now half hour ritual of trying everything on and feeling hideous. I used to take on the world and not care who judged me, why is that so hard now?

    I'm no longer gonna be a doormat to be walked on. I want to kick ass at my exams this year, find a job that won't screw me over and enjoy this summer with no hiccups. I miss my friends so much, I want to play pool with them and laugh again, and god i really want a trip to the beach!

    OK!!! This is it.
    1) I am not gonna cry anymore
    2) I am not gonna get involved with my parents anymore, it's their lives and whatever happens happens, just love them both
    3) I am going to start karate and climbing, and get my body confidence back with it. No more lethargy for me!
    4) I am going to pass my exams and spend my summer prepping for second year
    5) I am going to take control of the situation with Harry. If he dares email again I shall ignore it so he knows I've moved on
    6) I am going to not apologise for being me anymore
    7) I am going to open up about everything with people again, no more dealing with stuff alone
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    I am glad you are not going to do this alone anymore hun i am glad you are reaching out here hugs
  3. dizgrace

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    Thanks so much *hugs*