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it's time

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i have decided it's time to just keep all my feelings of suicide or anything of the sorts to myself again. i did it for years and i feel like my life is leading straight back to it was better like that. just lettin' you know. take care


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repressing it, or hiding it, won't make it better, it will probably just make it more of a burden to you.

Could you maybe find one person that you could be totally honest with?

Sa Palomera

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I can understand how you feel, i've been there myself, Insignificant.

Just know that i'm here if you do wanna talk sometime. I know we've never really talked before, but sometimes it can be a relief to talk to people that aren't as close to you. I'm offering my ear to listen to you and I'm sending you many virtual :hug: s :wink:

Ester x
feel free to PM me :smile:


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just don't feel like talking about it anymore. all it does is work up people and get them worried and i'm not down with that anymore. i'll be alright.
I can understand that.

But also remember that people will be more upset if they think you are keeping it inside for their benefit.

If you do ever need, or want, to vent, then my PM box is always open.

Take care of yourself
thanks ester i will keep that in mind, but i should be alright. thanks again.

scum thanks for that. really i'll be alright. i made it for like 26 yrs before i ever started talking about it. granted there were three attempts in there, but i made it. i'll be alright.
Hey hun, i can completely understand you wanting to do that. I been trying to do the same thing. Proberbly will just end up hiding it from people in the next few days, week, months etc.

I understand.



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Clearly you are incredibly strong. I hope that strength sees you through, but remember, if you change your mind there will always be someone willing to listen.

Good luck to you
well vikki i'm even going to keep this stouf from my therapist. i just don't feel like talking about it anymore. old ways have creeped their way back into my life that's all.
Well i can completely understand that aswell. When i went to have my 'emergency psychiactric' i held alot of stuff back and they just turned round and said i was fine. Didn't talk to my psychologist. Now it's got to the point where im gonna hide it from people on here aswell. I really wish i could say something to change your mind but that would make me a hypocrite. I can certainly relate to why you would want to stop talking to people about how you feel tho.

I respect your decision in wanting to stop from talking anout this all the time insignificant, but please remember that there may be times when some things do need to be out in the open. Not talking about things at all will only lead to more difficulties. Maybe try limiting yourself instead of completely getting away from it. You mentioned that you kept it bottled up for many years and you are fine. Is that really true? Three attempts and still feeling as you do now shows me that just maybe it didn't work to keep it all inside. I do know how you feel though and can undertand your reasoning. Oh, what do I know. Sorry. Only you can know what is best for yourself. Take care please. You are wanted and needed in this lifetime. :hug:
you know what gentlelady i think you're right. i will try to keep it to a minimum if i can. lately my therapist has been making things worse or so it feels, but i'm sure it's just me. i NEED HELP!!!!
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