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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Mikev2005, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Mikev2005

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    This is it im not gonna fail this time. I just said goodbye to my little sisters it was the hardest thing ive had to do. i have at least a <mod edit-methods> in this house im gonna take every last one of them im sorry this is only a few posts after i joined but the time is right. im off, im leaving this weak pathetic body of emotions and pain. i hope you all find the right path in life <mod edit-encouraging suicide>or your own path to recovery. all the best ive not known you for a day but i feel like i could truley express myself here this was a great place to vist.

    Dont kill yourself find help it seems hopeless to me i dont even want to be here, but theres maybe hope for some of you just try it it i did and it failed i hope it suceeds for you. if my family and friends happen to read this im sorry but your life will be better without me. i love you all especially maggie its none of your faults so please dont be sad i have left a note to everyone it'll be taped to my hand. goodbye everyone. im really sorry but this is what i want.
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  2. gentlelady

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    I hope you reconsider Mike and try to seek the help you need. Your family needs you. Your sister will be devastated and it is something she will never recover from. You don't forget things like that. Sometimes it is enough to make them want to follow in your path. Please think about things more and let us try to help you if we can. :hug:
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