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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by ivyx, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. ivyx

    ivyx Member

    I wish they safe my even thou I was in coma, I wish i didnt take the opportunity to jump drom high buildin. Over here its very hard to find place like that, but i sow one, near to 26 bus line...
    Now Im only prepering the papers, cleaing the account and pacikng the staff.
    Mayby tomorrow I will have enought power to go there and press the buzzer and tell that I have some magazines to carry...
    Then the last ground and good by:unsure:
  2. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Please don't do it Ivyx. Life is a precious gift and worth living. We all have our problems, it's just how we deal with them.
  3. ivyx

    ivyx Member

    Why my life is so presious to enybody? Im jut the other immigrant that wrking to hard in hospital as a nursig assistant? Who will care, who will take over everything i was doing? Enyone can, well, mayby not enybody but im not importent here.
    I found the westren coulture to be to "easy going". Noone will anser Ur quetion, noone will discuss with U the Joys book...
    My life was nothing back there and here, even i have some hope for better life, its become more amd more distracting and not worth of livig...
    My life its noy importent to enyone, even U have Ur own problems...
    Im just the shit, that comming arroun and "crying" for help...
    I just wish someone kills me, and I regret that when I was attaced on the street I seek dor help... I jut widh to end it up soon and dont trash Ur SF enymore...
    Im so sorry:sad:
  4. ivyx

    ivyx Member

    Last 2 night police arrive at my flat, the fiisrt time with paramedics and thay blacmail me, so a had to go. Yesterdey, tey almoust didn` get rid of the door, 5 police officers. When i sad tham im sleeping (what was truth) they aressted me, take me to the hospital, bitted me ( i have photograps ans my GP will write tje repport so I can charche them), hendcufed me so strong that i was bleeding, then tehy took me to the cell (without ciggaret tahat i was promissed) and take me to the towm witch is 40 miles away the plays I live. In the court they kept me only for 5 minuts and in pidjama they said they dont give a shite how ill do back home. Some of my staff are missing, they charged me witth branch of the peace (a said no when they wont to take me) an 2 charges wit "thirheting to commited a suiside"
    They were quite racist so I was the same....
    I dont know whot to to do, because the firt time my quess its that Tha Samaritansns call them... So there is no hope, no helpline in Edinburgh, its f**** nazi state with the police power.
    All they tell me it was to go back to mu country...
    Very welcom and thank You, social F***** scotlan:unsure:
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