I've been hurt, lost and I think he's betrayed my trust

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  1. I've been hurt, lost and I think he's now betrayed my trust...Which I hate that in him with a purple, blue and pink passion? :cell: He's no longer chatting with me on the date website and hardly chatting with me anymore on facebook?! I given him my cell phone number in June 15th 2013!! He has put it to no number unknown?! Which here's why he can't call or talk to no one while he's overseas?? I understand it too though. I'm not mad at him but heck the bad thing is this he promised me that he wouldn't give my number out to nobody. So he'd gone behind my back and did it anyway. So now don't know what to do?! :mad:
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    Firstly - giving out information like that - you should always exercise caution, be it dating site, facebook, or anywhere online.

    However - there could be a reason he's not got back to you, some format of reality gets in the way - his network provider might not allow him when abroad to call with number showing (it could even be him trying to call you - but because it comes up unknown you don't answer it). It is possible that you are jumping on fearing the worst - assuming he's done these things - without clarification that it's definitely not him?
  3. Thank you, fighting_the_tide! I appreciate it too!!!