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I've been on a good roll, but now I'm in depression

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That is pretty much it. I'm feeling very alone. My job changes, and often I have a lot of people around me, and others outside of work, but now I feel like I don't have anything.

I'm just down, I guess. I was really hoping I would have some time off with somebody I care about, but timing was bad and I understand that, and now I'm sitting here for about 5 hours and just struggling.

I need a better solution.

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Sorry you are feeling so low hun I do hope you can text this person see if you can meet after work or see what other arrangements can be made to just meet up Hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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No, she had her things she needed to do.

I keep putting off getting a dog, because I want to be free for other people.

I need to get the puppy and put off people, I'm pretty sure that is accurate.


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A dog is a wonderful antidepressant. They are a very important presence to help with loneliness and stress. A dog always seems to behave in a way that lifts your spirit when you are in emotional pain.


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Have you tried writing out your feelings? Writing may help you to organize your thoughts,expressing your feelings and sorting them out may make the sadness less overwhelming. Also praying may help. Are you a bible reader?At philippians 4:6,7 it says"the peace of god that excels all thought will guard your heart and your mental powers." I hope these suggestions help you!


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You may find some of this helpful for you to use. I have good times and then along comes a spell of depression. I accept it (sometimes very begrudgingly) and work a program of management. Eat regularly, extra sleep, take my meds, and I don't bash myself for it. It's a cycle we live with. I remind myself to keep looking forward to the good moments.

I hope you feel better soon. :hug:
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