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Ive been thinking about my final moments

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I am concerned about how you are feeling...lately, it seems you are debating yourself, and, at times, losing (I hope this is not too bold or intrusive) ...please PM me if you want to 'talk' or to be reminded how valuable you are...J


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It seems no matte how much we plan life never turns out the way we want.

Have you tried going with the flow, not worrying so much about the next step?

Hugs hope today is treating you better.


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i too have thought these moments through just lately, the past few weeks have been among some of the worst i have experienced. i have started to put things in place, ie, update emergency contacts for other people when they cant contact me etc. ive been driving round looking for the remotest places to 'do it' so i wont be disturbed, and strangely i feel calm about it all. talking it through in my head like its a normal thing to do. i just want to make sure i dont fail, yet again.


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What has?
Have you tried talking to anyone about what's making you feel like this? It might help to break it up a bit so you can deal with it at a pace that you can handle, with some support from people that care.



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I have similar issues to be honest. It's so difficult to find an expression and place where,.. idk for me atleast, where my heart and being feel that theyre.. Idk, not drained, where i can be and grow and express, and feel like who I am is ok and going somewhere I want to go.

Do you know or have an idea of what would make you feel content in your life?
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