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i've been touched

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wow i'm not even sure where to begin. what i am about to share really has alot of meaning to me far more than the average event.

eight weeks ago death was sitting right across from me and starring me in the eyes. i knew it was my turn. i was sold on it, but somehow fate twisted that and sought me the help i needed.

here is where i get really excited. sinse my hospitalization experience this last weekend was the first weekend that i got to be back with my kids. my daughter and i had gotten along better than we may have ever had. we were joking around and kidding with each other. we rode the bus together to. i decided that i didn't want to go through this experience without my son so i called him up and got his butt down there too.

i couldn't do much for my kids but i wanted to do a little something special. so we decided to gather ourselves together and take ourselves on the bus down to the local icecream parlor. there we each had a couple of scoupes of icecream and then we headed our way back to the bus stop. this is where my most cherrished memory began. it was late at night and we had no idea how long we would be waiting for the bus so i kept lookout. this is where my two kids began playing like i'm not sure i've ever seen before. they were laughing with each other religiously and this only seemed to keep up during the wait. they were even trying to drag mom into the middle of it to relentlessly laughing still. the kids did this the entire 50 min we ended up waiting for the bus.

i guess herein my point lies. watching my two kids play with each other for so well and for so long really touched my heart. this has touched me very deeply. why you might ask? well, had i of died on jan 28 like originally planned none of us would have gotten to experience this. it carries a little more meaning to me here these days. life dished out something truely good.


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Oh Liz that is so fantastic! I'm so very happy for you, and your kids =)

I hope this great thing keeps happening =]

Take care,
am missing you x
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