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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by maleficum, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. maleficum

    maleficum Member

    i *think* this is in the right place. :/

    it's just that, i've been wondering. . . well, you see, i've taken several overdoses. a couple in february, aimed to kill, too many to count in march, just to hurt, and i think just a couple in april now, just to hurt, although my last one was more than usual and made me hear ringing in my ears and go all dizzy and weak and shizz (normally i'll only get a bit of stomach ache or nothing really). i've used nurofen, aspirin and paracetamol in all these overdoses. but the thing is, i drink, yeah, but i can't hold my drink anymore. this may just be normal because i'm drinking too much and drinking too much too fast and mixing wrongly and shizz like that. but i thought i was better at holding my drink than this. is it possible that the overdoses have been damaging my insides to make me worse at taking booze these days?

    that's all. ^^ just a wonderment. pleeeeeeeease reply, somebody, anybody, if you have any idea as to an answer.
  2. Terry

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    I think you need to get your liver function checked hun.
    Paracetamol is notorious for causing long term liver damage and if your liver is damaged then your bodies' ability to deal with alcohol will be damged.
    Actually, laying off the booze would be a good idea as this too can damage the liver.

    Don't get too freaked out at the thought of liver damage. The liver has amazing self healing properties and with a little care and attention most damage can be undone.
  3. maleficum

    maleficum Member

    Thanks. I'm afraid I won't be going to get my liver function checked anytime soon unless I show some really worrying symptoms because I'd have to let my parents know I've taken many more overdoses and drank way more than they know about and I've also lied to my counsellor etc. But I will stay off the booze for as long as I can and from my research, I'm going to try and buy wheatgrass juice, milkthistle and dandelion root to help myself. But thanks again for response; much appreciated. :)
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