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Ive decided not to die, but will I really live.......

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So here is my story... You guys have literally saved my life numorous times. I really don't know what I would have done without all the collective resources including this site Ive had available to me. So this is whats been going on. My wife left over a year and a half ago. She only took 2 of my three children. There ages 10,4 and 2. The 10 year old is with me. I met this wonderful woman that Ive been with for quite a while now. I love her dearly. Even as just a voice over the phone she was like a calming angel to me. She lives half way across the country. Ive gone to visit her and we hit it off well. If I pick up and leave to be with her. (Ive petitioned the courts to have my son go with me) It will probably be many years before I see my two little ones. I love all of my children dearly. To throw a wrench in things my job has offered me 45grand to walk away. Ive turned it down 3 times already but this time Id like to take it. Do I take the money run away with my son and leave my two younger ones or do I stay and risk being layed off anyway.


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This is just my opinion (obviously), but I say take the money and go. You need to do what's best for you and your son, and what's going to make you both happy. Once you're settled, you should be able to fight for some rights with your two little ones.


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Why would they offer $45K to leave when they could fire you for free? At least you are getting some warning, some people are let go with no notice at all.

Main thing I would be concerned about is are you putting your new beau on a pedestal? I'm not suggesting that you are, but if I were in your shoes I would be examining that possibility to make sure.

Otherwise it's a question of what are your best chances of finding a job where you are now vs. where the new lady is, and how much involvement you have with the two children in ex-wife's custody. Also is she willing to come to where you are?

The reason to stay would be to be involved in the lives of all your children as they grow up, if that's an option. The job is probably not going to be around long if they have tried multiple times. I say take the $$$ and run before the offer drops to zero, but in the meantime start assessing the job market in both areas. It's been overly repeated lately but it really is easier to find a job when you still have the old job.


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I agree with the above posters in saying that I think you should take the $45000 and run with it and see what other job opportunities are available near you, and then if that doesn't work out you can broaden how far away (in distance) the jobs you are looking for are. It sounds like they will fire you if they can't get you to leave. Best of luck. :)


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I also say take the money..Just make sure you set enough aside to pay the taxs on it.. You can petition the court for visitation of the other two kids..I got my daughter on holidays and for the summers..


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Money means nothing, it will go away.

Will you really live...... Yes, if you live fully, give love, receive love and teach your children to love....

God bless you :)
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