I've got BAD Paranoia

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by RyanKey=MyLife, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. RyanKey=MyLife

    RyanKey=MyLife Well-Known Member

    I'm constantly paranoid and it's really getting me down, the smallest things:(
  2. SAVE_ME

    SAVE_ME Well-Known Member

    Same here :( Wanna talk about it? What are you paranoid about exactly?
  3. Seerbrum

    Seerbrum Well-Known Member

    Paranoia is the worse.

    I suffer from it, and at times I know its almost silly, its completely illrational. But it never changes the fact.

    So I found, working on becoming more aware, helps so much. The key is first isolating why you're paranoid, the second step is find a way to make yourself aware.

    Personally I've been paranoid that my room mate as been monitering my drinking, so I switched to methods hard to detect most of the time. I maintain a few nights of beer, with most of my other nights being vodka kept in a gator-aid or water bottle. So far I don't think he's put together how much I drink.

    Another paranoia is my window, I'm afraid people are watching me, laughing at me. Well I arranged my room so I can see out, but am obscured by the glare on the window, using my lamps cleverly.

    Another paranoia is crosses paths with certain folks I care not to, so I avoid area's, almost maintain a good awareness of who, what, and where is around me as best I can.

    And sometimes that doesn't even help, almost every 4 hours I patroll my apartment building, just to make sure none of them are trying to sneak up on me, just to laugh.

    The paranoia is ill-rational, and once I walk around the building twice, I feel stupid for feeling that way so I go back in and get back to what I enjoy doing. And if they wanna come at my window and stare in and not respect my privacy, well if thats really happening, (which more then likely not) then lets just say I'll handle the sitation.

    Arming yourself, and protecting yourself, is the best way to at lest explore the paranoia, and get a good grip on WHY, and just how ill-rational it is.

    Now the sad part is, you cease being paranoid once your right... It's tricky, because on occasion, you are right, I was once, it made me almost scared, but I laughed it off.
  4. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    What kind of stuff have you been experiencing?
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi Ryan, want to tell us more about it? :hug:
  6. darkeyes

    darkeyes Well-Known Member

    These are two of my main paranoias, particularly the window thing. I am always paranoid that someone is watching me through the window or filming me. It's completely irrational since my window is barricaded with blinds, curtains and three layers of cut out fabric tacked up and down the sides of the window.

    I can't walk down the street without thinking someone's watching me through blinds, or following me waiting for me to put my guard down and attack me. (I believe this stems from my overbearing, overprotective parents who made me believe everyone was out to get me.) :rolleyes:
  7. RyanKey=MyLife

    RyanKey=MyLife Well-Known Member

    I get paranoid over the smallest things like if I'm online on a shout box or something like that, and I say I feel bad and the person above says :laugh: or something, I think it's aimed at me:sad: Or if I go online and someone signs off, straight after me coming on:sad:

    Also when people bring up stuff I've done in the past and say it to other people(but not actually using me as an example)
  8. achtland

    achtland Member

    Me :

    I think my housemate drugged me (I found myself lying on the floor of the bathroom hearing him calling my name but I couldn't move or talk) - he said I had drunk half a bottle of vodka but I only remember having 2 shots. I'm completely blank after that.

    I think my work are snooping into my private life and have contacted my housemates to get some information on me.

    I think my work followed me on 2 holidays either by sending people after me or contacting people who would be in the region to report back on me.

    I think my work has this idea that I'm some sort of info thief. They want to know where I'll be living for the next year and who my next employer is. Obviously they want to contact my future housemates so they can keep tabs on me and contact my future employer to tell them to not employ me.

    I think work lie to me. I asked them if they didn't want me there or if I was doing something wrong and they said no, but for the next 2 months they gave me diddly-squat to do until I handed in my notice. With only 3 days left, they gave me 5 weeks worth of work!

    I think work are all in on some bully plan. Every eye blink and every breath I take has gone round the office for the last year. I almost handed my notice in a while back and everyone knew about it. Now that I have handed in my notice, everyone is pretending they know nothing about it.

    This is all illogical. Why would work waste time and money sending someone after me on holidays? Why would my housemate drug me for no reason (he didn't rape me, afaik). Why would work keep me there and give me no work - isn't that just a waste of money?

    It makes no sense, but all the coincedences are just far too many for it to not be true!
  9. Darker Than Black

    Darker Than Black Well-Known Member

    I used to think the government is after me, and everyone else want me dead. I know how it feels,
  10. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    paranoia is a bitch to live with.
    i ahve to actively stop myself from questioning everything someoen says, although i do catalog it in my head subconciously and then if they trip up i ask straight away.
    i have moments when i believe everyone on here is lying and they all know me and are trying to ruin my life further if tahts anyway possible.
  11. RyanKey=MyLife

    RyanKey=MyLife Well-Known Member

    I'm like that, but don't usually ask:(
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