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I've got nothing to lose... right?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by loljenny91, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. loljenny91

    loljenny91 Member

    A friend of mine is moving away, far away, forever, in a matter of two weeks or less. I'd like to think she's my best friend, or one of them at least. She's a top girl and we get on so well (like friends do, duh).
    However, I've started to realise more and more that I like her as more than a friend. Yes I'm a girl and I'm bisexual blahhhh blah. She's straight, and has a boyfriend. She does seem, however, to swing both ways. Maybe that's just the way she is and she's close with anyone she meets, regardless of gender, I don't know. But if someone asked me about her sexuality, I wouldn't be entirely sure.
    I don't want to fuck things up with our friendship, and I would hate it if she treated me differently if I owned up to her about my feelings, but I think now is the perfect opportunity to say something. She's moving away soon, so I'll have nothing to lose... RIGHT? Plus, I think I would be kicking myself rather hard if I just let her leave without being totally honest with her.
    And I know, I know she has a boyfriend and it wouldn't be right, etc etc. but I think this is different because we are such close friends. She doesn't have to tell her boyfriend about something that's going on in MY heart. And of course I'm not expecting her to be like "oh thank god you said something! i love you too! let's go get married!" because I'm pretty sure what the outlook will be. I just want to be sure. Is that so wrong?
    Anyway I've heard that people love being told that they're loved. I'd certainly bloody love to hear it lol.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Yeh i think you might just make her uncomfortable if you told her you had more romantical feelings for her. I think there might be a chance of maybe changing the close kind of relationship you have. I would let her be the one to bring up this topic if she is that way Let her make first move. You can still be in contact of computer and phone visits perhaps. If it is good i wouldn't change anything remain her close friend without the other connection. Just my opinion though my thoughts take care
  3. candiz

    candiz Active Member

    Does she know you're bi?
    You might be disspointed by her reaction, like violet said, you could make her uncomfortable and lose the contact with her when she moves.
  4. Tray

    Tray Well-Known Member

    So far people have said not to.. I say do it.

    If she's moving away for good what do you got to lose. I mean if she is understanding and as close as you say even if she doesnt feel the same way she's not gonna change on you.

    I mean in the end if you tell her and she reacts negatively at least you were able to express your self rather than wondering forever if you should have.

    Dont regret not taking action... what if's will haunt you forever.
  5. yursomedicated

    yursomedicated Chat & Forum Buddy

    I would say to tell her. I know exactly how you feel from friends. I'm sure she will be flattered that someone loves her. Even if it is in an uncomfortable way (if she is completely straight) She's moving away and you need to tell her this. You will feel so much better getting this out.