I've had enough. I need to get away from my family.

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    They are emotionally abusive, every single one of them. And one of them happens to be a fucking child molesting bitch, and still, she is accepted more within the family than I am. Even the one person I actually told, who happens to be my own mother, doesn't care. She was all understanding when I told her, and saying shit like "Yeah, I would expect that from her, I know she is abusive.", and then in the future makes up excuses for why she did what she did (as if there is ANY good reason at all for doing such a despicable thing) and talking about how I should forgive her and respect her. EXCUSE ME?? Respect the person who made my life hell and sexually abused me?! She belongs in a psych ward, at the very least, or prison, which I would have been smart enough to do if I wasn't 13 years old when she fucking did that to me. I can't stand it anymore, though. The only person none of this applies to is my father, who lives in another country. And yes, I have thought of living with him before, and shall consider it further if I can't find anywhere else. But even the stupid douchebag my mother chose for a husband after divorcing my dad, is just that...a douchebag. He makes fun of me and criticizes me for being mentally ill, and my mom thinks that's all fine and well too. I would NEVER do that to my children. If someone else in the family abused them, I would want nothing to do with that person. Let alone, if some stranger I married several years ago, had the audacity to even criticize any of my children in any way, I would send him the fuck packing in 2 seconds. I have no choice, though, at the moment, but to go home to these people tonight. Before I calmed down about the whole situation, even living on the street seemed more appealing for a while, as well as googling local homeless shelters. I just...I don't know. I need to just get a job as quickly as I fucking can and live in a dorm or something near my college because I don't want these people making my life a living hell anymore. I have enough problems without them making it worse. And I have no chance of ever getting better if I am constantly pushed and pushed, to the brink of suicide even, because none of them know what "emotional support" even means. I have never felt this bad before...not until I was put below a child molestor in my mother's eyes, at least. But now I realize that I have to go somewhere else, or I have no chance at life.
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    I think that's really fucked that your family treats you like that...I can relate in some ways, I mean with family being emotionally abusive. I hope that you will be able to move out soon. That's something I need to do too, because it just adds extra stress that you don't really need. Some people say that blood is thicker than water, but if they don't change, you don't really have a choice other than to just abandon them and start over. At least when you move out, you can start to feel better.