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ive had enough . (yet im still posting)

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im going to leave my computer on.
and im going to go and pretend to be okay and play pool.
but im not okay.
i told my psychaitrist today that i had a plan.
i even told him what it was.
and he didnt help me.

ive got an aching feeling in my eyes like i want to cry but just cant.
i hate this.
i wish i could say goodbye properly to people.
but i dont have the opportunity.
which is saddening.
but the world is better off without me polluting it.

im so sorry.
Hold on hun. things may see so out of focus right now. Or maybe the focus is in the wrong place. I am sorry they did not listen to you at your appointment.I am glad you chose to occupy your thoughts with playing pool. Distraction can be a very good thing sometimes. We are here for you if you need someone to talk to. Take care and stay safe. :hug:


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thank you. ive come back from playing. i wasnt able to concentrate on it anyway.
ive logged into aim incase someone happens to see this.

cracked faerie

and my friends are rallying for me. i let someone know how i was feeling (i said depressed) and they've decided to have a "get me out of depression night" (which will start in like two hours).

i still want to cry. i hate myself for being like this.


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I'm glad to hear that your friends are there for you. See? People really do care about you. It's very good that you told your friend that you were depressed- never hide feelings like that. You're very lucky to have close friends that you can talk to about things like that.

You shouldn't be angry at yourself for feeling the way you do. It's not your fault. You have to remember that it's just a temporary thing. One day soon you aren't going to feel like this anymore. :)
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