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Fuck this world and everything in it...
I'm out of the fucking hospital and on new meds that make me tired all the fucking time... I'm so depressed... I just want to die but I don't have enough energy to do it.
Tomorrow is christmas and I am not looking 4ward to it... Hopefully I have enough guts to just do myself in tonight with my dads t3's he has like 300 of them I think... maybe less... but still it'd be enough.
But don't go CALLING THE FUCKING COPS ON ME!!! I never said I WOULD do it... theres somethings i can sorta look forward to... like after christmas I get to be homeless again... YAY IM SO EXCITED... NOT :rolleyes:
Anyway... lifes a bitch then you die, fuck the world and lets get high,
thats how I live my life... and I don't plan to stop living that way until I die, which could be in five minutes, you never know with me.
Either way, merry christmas... and a fucked up new year.
A possible good-bye...
A possible TTYL!
Who the fuck knows anymore...
You see I try to help and I fuck it up...
I try to talk 2 sum1 and I fuck it up...
I try to keep a friend and he doesn't give a shit anymore...
I try to keep my 1 true love and he gets taken away...
Now I'm pregnant, and I dont know what to do... Would it be wrong to kill myself... I think so...
So WTF do I do?
Anyway... we'll see what happens I guess...


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Oh dear Mel I'm so sorry for how you're feeling and the position you're in,and you know what I do agree with you life is shit really as we go through so much trying to battle each day for pretty much survival.the way I see thing's as you've explained them after all you've been through you're a warrior a true gem and I really mean it.I wish I could make you feel better and do something for you given the amount of pain you're in.I certainly would give so much to see you get better asap.
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