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I've had enough

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I'm so depressed. These past months have been hell and I've hit bottom now. I can't go on living this pathetic double life.

We use MSN at work and just before xmas I got hold of the MSN chat logs so I've read all the horrible things people have been saying about me. Everyone thinks I'm this arrogant, self-obsessed asshole who loves himself because I'm so quiet. But it's not true! I'm the opposite. My death will prove them wrong. I just can't take this anymore.

Now I'm sure you're thinking 'just wait; things will get better'. Well I tried that. And it didn't get better. In fact it got a lot worse. I've never been so unhappy, lonely and unmotivated. It's physically painful. All I think of is my death. I'd rather die now, before my 25th birthday, than delay the inevitable. That way people can still say 'I had potential' and 'I had everything to live for'.

With luck, this will be my last post here. I have my method. Good luck to everyone. This is a great community and I wish you all the best.



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Tired, are you sure that everyone was saying horrible things, or could it be your perception of things is maybe a bit screwed?

If you are coming over as an "arrogant self-obsessed etc" perhaps trying to put that right would make things easier at work.
Years ago I remember a member of staff telling me they feared my tongue (I can be somewhat sarcastic..to say the least) and that I always seemed intellectually superior. I was aghast and did everything I could to rectify it and found I got on much better with everyone when I'd curbed my natural sarcasm bent.

Not going to say things will get better, they won't until you tackle what's making you depressed, isolated and unmotivated.

Unmotivated cos depressed, get some help with the depression.
Lonely, get out, evening classes, book club, pub, whatever..but get out and meet. Can't face going out..come sit in chat and get some support, company and back up.

Here if you need an ear. My msn is in my profile.


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T&A one sure thing is that people don't have any idea how you really feel on the inside,but I do understand how it feels when we're perceived or thought of in such a way it can really hurt.Try your best not to let these people get to you please,they may've said that about you and don't really know you I know it is'nt so easy to just forget about it but you have to try to do something talk to me if you like my E-mail is Milansteve@yahoo.com.au I have msn to ok.


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People can be so cruel and judgemental. I know it hurts alot, but these people are not worth it. Just wanted to let you know that you were heard and that I do care. Anytime you need someone to talk to I'm here.
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