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I've had enough

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I'm sitting here typing away feeling like I want to die so badly,I've battled so hard for that long I'm shaking so much and crying and my head hurts like I couldn't believe.I need to end this misery.


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Please try and hold on, i know it's so hard, i really do, but keep on trying to fight.

I'm sory you're in such pain and hurting so badly, but please hold on.


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I've held on for long enough and I'm so sick of this shit,what is the point?To only experience more hell and prolong the misery?Yes that's what it will be,it will never improve that is the true reality of it all no need to bullshit around I know thing's don't get better I'm not that stupid.I wish I was never born into this Shit world.


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Has anything specific happened to make you feel so bad right now?

Do you have professional help?

Try and keep yourself occupied as much as you can. Remember that we are here if you want support. You can talk to us

CM 1000

I believe that in this moment you live one period of caused discouragement because unconsciously you were to commit suicide during these days Ci. But I believe that the belief to kill to you unconscious left and that you could be happy. All that you have to make now is to learn how to think happy that seems simplistic but it goes

jane doe

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hi ace. what´s going on hun? what triggered you? remember i´m here if you want to talk. ace you always are here for helping people and that mades you a wonderfull person, don´t let this bullshit get in to your mind, you didn´t born to feel like this, if you fought untill now, you will win, you must be patient. Remember that i´m here hun. pm me if you need it, really i don´t want to lose you;)


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Thanks everyone for your concern basically it's the same thing as always my mood drops and I'm in hell and fighting to just stay afloat,I get angry:mad: with people I re-enact possible conversations,I feel so overwhelmed and I'm depressed like you you wouldn't believe and wondering why the fuck do I bother.In the end I die anyway so why keep bothering with all this shit day after day,and the truth it doesn't get better it's just the same shit or it gets worse.
I have professional help and hacve tried so much and when I'm really down nothing at all lifts me up and I mean nothing all I just feel is pure anxiety,depression like anything,hopelessness and everything else.My mind is a fuckin disaster I'm screwed severely and this is it basically it's all a waste!:sad:
The other night I tried to go out with friends and my cousin and what happened mood swings like crazy,and also looking into the mirror of the toilets I was so repulsed with my nose and teeth where else do you want me to start?
Sorry I'm just purely FUCKED up just like I've always been!


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I know how you feel, I dont want to say the wrong thing, but at the same time, I just dont give a shit anymore. Im tired of people pretending to be a fucking friend, then turning theyre back on me. Since Im in the same mind set as you, the only constructive (Possably helpfull) thing I can say is that your NOT alone....which is probably my biggest problem, I AM. Im sick of being the only lonely fucker to leave the party drunk and single.....and not have a soul who gives a shit...but hey, I guess we should "Hang in there"...

jane doe

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ace , i kno what you mean about the bathroom mirrows, and that´s the reason of why i don´t look myself on them. Ace you must feel like your life is pointless and you shouldn´t be here , but that´s not true, remember that you are a great person and remember how many people have you help here. i always will be gratefull because you always have tie to worry about the others, but you should be a little bit motre selfish and think about what´s going on whit you. try to find something else to do, keep your body and your mind busy. And take care ace, really, i hope you feel better now, i send you a reallllllllly bbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggg kiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss
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