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i've had enough

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Nathan :)

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i just want to die i can't struggle on no more. My twin should be the one living not me, she would have alot more to offer to the world, i also killed her so why should i keep alive


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hi natalie, how do you think you killed your twin?
im sorry you;re struggling so much, talk..it will help x

Nathan :)

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coz she had things up with her brain and stuff, she was fine in the womb so it must of been me that killed her. Also my parents won't tell me where she is buried so whats point?
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You jsut sed yourself hun that she had things wrong with her. When we are depressed and vunerable we look for things to blame ourselves for. We punish ourselves. I dont really know why we do that but trust me its not your fault


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Dear natalie,

One of the reasons you “should” keep alive is that whatever you do or feel would not get your twin sis back alive…

As you know, we cannot change what happened in the past. All we have is always now. I believe your twin sis would love you to live and enjoy life. So you can live and appreciate life for your twin sis as well…

Wish you well!
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