I've had it with men

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  1. Nicki

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    I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years now,,,BEFORE we were together he went to thailand and paid to sleep with a thai land bar girl....He told me that she was horrible and fat....I didnt believe him one bit and with me being abused by both my parents it has left me not trusting anyone...And when i do have a relationship the only thing that i ask for is him to be straight with me....He knew that i didnt believe but knowing that i had bad depression and panic attacks he still didnt tell me the truth,,,he came hom efrom work early a couple of weeks ago and told me to sit down....That he HAD been lieing to me she thailand bar girl was thin........This with everything else has been the final straw to me its left me so suicidal that my whole world has gone.....I no longer know what to do,,, half of me thinks of taking the sleeping tablets my doctor gave me,,,I love...loved this man so much and he wont leave and go back to his mums so me seeing him everyday is killing me...
  2. Petal

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    Hey Nicki,

    We've already spoken about this through PM's, just remember if you need to talk anytime im always here :hug:
  3. renroy

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    is he really worth your life you need to think of your self more be strong
  4. whatevernevermind33

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    We're not all like that. Believe me, if I could find a girl now I'd never let her go.
  5. HappyAZaClaM

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    aint ya better off without the useless plonker? c'mon. think about it.
    it was a learning experience, nothing more. sorry, not to minimize your
    hurt. but to hell with the dumb bastard. find someone with their head outa
    their ass. it's hard, but not totally impossible. bloody hard though. don't
    give up. give up HIM, but don't give up you. that's all. hope I didn't
    offend or upset you.
  6. Clockwork Reality

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    I have to agree with this. If this guy couldn't be happy with what he had, then he didn't deserve it in the first place!