I've kinda screwed myself

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    Well I've recently gotten this job at a charity shop, and when I applied i said i would go to social fund raising events just to get the job. Now all the people in the job are pestering me to go out with them, and I consider myself an introvert so I'm really not interested at all. But if i keep rejecting them every week i feel they are going to start thinking i'm weird and just start ignoring me and being mean to me which will make my job very uncomfortable....anyone have some advice for me? :unsure:
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    Could you maybe slowly build yourself up to going out with them? Maybe go out for a coffee after work with one person, and then maybe another. There is loads of information online about social anxiety and how to overcome it online, maybe these would be a good starting point, so that you can understand more about why you feel like you do going out etc?

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